Custom Boxes

Every recognized brand has top tier packaging so why dont you? Nobody remembers that last sandwhich bag of goodies they had unless it was next level. Leave a stamp with your consumer and get them coming back with Custom Mylar Bags. Look at what the big guys in the industry are doing, why arent you doing the same or coming harder? Thats what we're here for.

We've made millions of bags for hundreds of customers over the years and can speak from experience, proper branding builds brands. Watching brands first hand start with the minimum and growing to hundreds of thousands of bags over a year or two has shown us what it takes to compete. Tap in with a team that knows how to get a brand jumpin today.

  • Product Boxes

    Lay flat pouches are the most affordable option and great for smaller or thinner products. Sealed on the sides and bottom give your product a snug fit. Lay flats come in all finishes and sizes and are commonly used for gummies, pre roll tubes, edibles, vapes, and more.

  • Corrugated Boxes

    As the title says, the most commonly used mylar bag would be the stand up pouch. This pouch includes a Gusset at the bottom of the bag, allowing it to expand for bulkier products. Fully customizable front, back, and gusset, this is the industry standard when it comes to pouches.

  • Luxury Boxes

    When your feeling fancy or want a unique pouch, the die cut shaped pouch is the go to mylar. With the ability to create a lay flat or stand up pouch in any shape you want, die cuts stand out on the shelves amongst the rest. Sky's the limit when it comes to die cuts so let your imagination go.

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Custom boxes are great when it comes to packaging any product. Not only is it great for individual boxes, but using them as master boxes to hold multiple items not only makes life easier storage/transportation wise, but also setting minimums so people purchase by the master box, instead of each individual product.

Want to see more box options? Click the button below to check out our gallery of boxes and other packaging we've created over the years.

  • Product boxes

    Stylish, durable, and functional product boxes for all your product packaging needs. Elevate your brand and packaging game today.

  • luxury gift boxes

    Take your brand over the top with the highest end boxes possible. With rigid material, magnetic closure, and more, stand out from the rest.

  • Display boxes

    Great for store front's looking to get more eyes on your product. Use display boxes on shelves to not only store the product but showcase it as well.

  • box sets

    Box sets are great for pairing your individual products with a master box enabling you to sell bigger quantities in an organized manor.

  • jar boxes

    Looking for a more dull, flat finish that doesnt shine and has a more of a smooth feel? Matte is the perfect finish for you.

  • Vape boxes

    Give your vape a home worth selling. With custom sizes and foam inserts that hold your vape snug, boxes are the best and safest solution.

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