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Custom Cannabis Mylar Bags

Unleash your brand's potential with Beast Coast's Custom Bags. Tailored to your specifications, these bags transform packaging into a unique brand statement. With Beast Coast, your packaging is as distinctive as your brand.

Types of Custom Bags

  • Sticker Bags

    Sticker Bags are a type of packaging that allows for the application of custom stickers on the bag's surface. This feature provides businesses with the flexibility to change the product information or branding as needed. Made from durable materials, these bags ensure the protection and longevity of the product inside.

  • Direct Print Mylar Bags

    Direct Print Mylar Bags are a premium packaging solution that features high-quality printing directly onto the bag's surface. This allows for vibrant, detailed designs that enhance brand visibility and recognition. Made from Mylar, a robust and durable material, these bags ensure optimal protection and freshness of the product inside.

  • Compostable Bags

    Biodegradable Bags are an eco-friendly packaging solution designed to break down naturally over time. Made from materials that are safe for the environment, these bags offer a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. Despite their biodegradability, they maintain a high level of durability and protection for the products inside, making them a responsible choice without compromising on quality.

  • Lay Flat Bags

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Custom Bag Products

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Direct Print Mylar Slips
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Die Cuts, Die Cuts, Read All About It!

Die Cut Bags are making waves in the packaging industry. Known for their distinctive shapes and designs, these bags offer a unique aesthetic appeal that sets your brand apart. Crafted with precision, each bag is cut into a specific shape to match your brand's vision and needs.

These bags aren't just about aesthetics, though. They're also highly functional, offering the same durability and protection as traditional bags. Plus, their unique shape can make your product more ergonomic and user-friendly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Custom Bag FAQs

What are Custom Bags and why should I consider them for my product packaging?

Custom Bags are a unique packaging solution that allows you to tailor the design, shape, and size of your bags according to your specific needs. Whether it's Sticker Bags, Direct Print Mylar Bags, or Custom Shape Direct Prints, these bags offer a level of customization that can significantly enhance your brand's visibility and recognition. By aligning your packaging with your brand's aesthetic, you can create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for your customers.

How can Custom Bags help increase my brand's visibility?

Custom Bags serve as a mobile billboard for your brand. With the ability to print high-quality, custom designs, these bags can significantly enhance your brand recognition. Every time a customer carries your product, your brand gets exposure, thereby increasing its visibility. Moreover, the high-quality print on the bags ensures that your brand's logo and design elements are clearly visible and recognizable.

Can I customize the design on Custom Bags?

Items must be returned within 30 days after receiving your order. Items must be returned in the same condition in which they were received, be unworn/unused, have any tags still attached, and include all the original packaging.

What types of Custom Bags does Beast Coast offer?

Beast Coast offers a wide range of Custom Bags to suit your specific needs. This includes Sticker Bags, which allow for the application of custom stickers; Direct Print Mylar Bags, which feature high-quality printing directly onto the bag; and Custom Shape Direct Prints, which can be cut into any shape you desire. We also offer Mylar slips and more, ensuring that we have a custom bag solution for every need.

Are Custom Bags a cost-effective packaging solution?

Yes, Custom Bags are a cost-effective solution considering the multitude of benefits they offer. Not only do they provide superior product protection and shelf-life extension, but they also serve as a powerful marketing tool. This dual functionality makes them a smart investment for any business. In terms of cost, Custom Bags can be more economical than other types of packaging when you factor in the marketing benefits. The ability to print custom designs directly onto the bag means that your packaging also serves as a form of advertising, helping to increase brand visibility and recognition. This can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty, making Custom Bags a cost-effective choice in the long run.

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