Custom Apparel

If you don't have custom apparel for your brand your F*cking up. Custom apparel is essential to any successful brand and you can see that from the likes of Cookies, Frostiez, and pretty much any other brand in the world. We know what it takes to make brand your apparel to the likes of your customers, giving you fire merch to promote, increasing brand awareness, and collecting profits on the way.

Services We Offer


Screen-printed apparel is the most commonly used process when creating custom apparel. Its known for the highest quality, longest durability, and a great feel. We screenprint on shirts, hoodies, pants, jackets, and many more styles of garments to give our clients premium quality products.


Embroidered apparel gives your brand a higher quality look with a stitched feel commonly found on hoodies, sweats, hats, and similar garments. Pair embroidery with sweat suits to create a comfortable, luxurious feel that you can charge premium for

Direct To Film

Direct to Film is a new style of printing that allows you to use designs with unlimited colors giving you a fixed cost no matter color count. Not only is that a benefit but it is great for any and all types of garments such as mesh shorts, polos, and non cotton pieces.