Our custom mylar bags are some of the dopest to hit the market. No matter the shape, size, finish, or use, we've got your mylar bag needs covered with the highest quality materials and quickest turnaround times in the game. Tap in to fill out our project form and get started on your mylar bags today.


Mylar Bag Material Finishes

Here are some of the most popular bag finishes we offer


Shiny smooth finish commonly found in most packaging.


Flat and dull finish for a classic and cost effective mylar bag finish.

Soft Touch Metallic

Soft touch metallic gives your bags a "soft" feel while making details pop out with the metallic finish.


Holographic is a go to for making your packaging stand out with color shifting finish

Mylar Bag Options

Organize content into multiple columns to share useful information to your customers about your products, values...


A gusset allows your mylar bag to stand up on its own withouth it falling over. This also helps give more volume to fit your product in smaller bag sizes, reducing cost, and keeping your packaging compact.

Inside Print

Add a nice surprise to your packaging with the Inside Print add-on. Nothings better when you get a cool bag, and open it up to see amazing product nestled in a killer inside printed mylar bag.

Child Resistant Zipper

Stay compliant and keep the young ones out of your packaging with Child Resistant Zippers for your mylar bags. Compliant in all states and available in a couple different styles,

How To Order Mylar Bags


Too start the process of ordering your mylar bags you first need to come up with a design, or work with our design team to bring your design to life. If you work with us, we go through the design process, make any revisions throughout, and complete the design to your satisfaction. Once a design is completed and print ready, the project then moves on to the production phase.

How to Order Mylar Bags


Once a design is accepted, we move on over to the production process. If the bags are sticker applied, we setup the files, print, produce, and apply the labels onto the blank bags of your choice. If you are getting direct print bags, we print, convert, and finish your bags through our direct print packaging process.

How to Order Mylar Bags

Quality Control

Once the production process is finished, we take the time to check over the details of the bags, ensuring we have the correct information printed, correct quantities, and ensure everything is ready for pickup or shipping

How to Order Mylar Bags


As soon as everything has been produced or checked, your rep will reach out to you to schedule your pickup or the shipping of your bags.

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Interested in Custom Mylar Bags?

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