Looking to start your own brand or elevate your current one? We've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry producing killer packaging for killer products to help our clients stay two steps ahead of the competition. Anything you've ever seen we can do, so why wait? Tap in with the team and lets get your brand poppin.

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Clients served with fire packaging, designs, content, and branding. Check out a few of them below ⤵️


Your packaging is the first part of a consumers experience with your brands product. Don't let it be a boring blank box they'll throw out. Be smart and give your consumer an experience worth coming back for with top of the line packaging made to reel in, and bring back the lucky customer. We know what it takes to be picked over the rest of the shelf and provide our clients with the tools necessary to be at the top of the industry through the proper branding and packaging techniques that have created multiple 7 figure brands.


Rappers 1st Choice: Plugs Meet Plugs 3

Every year our good friends over at Rappers 1st Choice put on the event of the summer, Plugs meet Plugs. This event is nothing short of greatness with special guests Berner, Yung LB, Gillie Da Kid, and many more poppin out to Rochester, NY to chop it up and smoke some gas. Here's a little recap of the event and what you can expect when pullin up to the event with the team.

Rike Made It

Our man @rikemadeit has quickly made a name for himself in the game with some of the hottest designs in the industry. Working with the likes of Mount Burnin, Clout Kings, Broke Boyz, Zackwoods, Exotic Genetix, Big Al's Exotics, and the list goes on, @rikemadeit has made a dent in the scene within his first couple years designing. From logos to packaging design, and even fire apparel, there's not much the homie can't do. Rike is known for leveling up brands like never before, creating some of the hottest brands out of thin air from concept to creation. Starting at $1,000 a design, if your looking to take your brand to the next level and look like a big dog, you gotta pay to play. Check out Rike's work and tap in if you're ready to build your brand.
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Calyx Containers

Calyx is the top of the line when it comes to plastic containers. Geared with a rubber gasket for a complete seal, Calyx is trusted to keep your products fresh.

Miron Concentrate Jars

Protect yo Terps with UV Miron Glass Jars. Paired nicely with a wrap around label, these jars are a premium when it comes to storing your concentrates.

Rigid Boxes

Protect your Jar and give the end user an experience they'll keep and re use.

Glass Jar

Compliant Friendly glass jars are a go to in the industry. With child resistant caps, and air tight seals, glass jars give your product a quality feel.

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